UKFC Membership

 Last update 10-07-2006


How to join

To join, send the appropriate payment by cheque, made out to "UK Fortification Club" together with a completed membership form, which you can get below.

Membership is 7.50 sterling or $15 (US)  or 15 Euros for any one year, which begins on the 1st April.

If you have any queries about membership you can call Tom Bell on 01553-675-053.

Membership forms

  Membership form in Adobe Acrobat Reader format 24k .pdf Download now
If you are unable to download or print the above then copy and fill out the sample form below.


Sample membership form

Postcode or Zip:
Email Address:
JOIN / RENEW / REJOIN   -   as appropriate
1 year or 2 year membership  -  as appropriate
Payment enclosed   -  one year membership is 7.5 sterling, or 15 USD, or 15 Euros
Please make cheques payable to "UK Fortifications Club" and send it along with this form to:
UKFC Membership
12 Castle Close
Kings Lynn
PE30 3EP